About raysfanboy

This is a pic of one of my favorite “people”
in the world: Daisy. She has been my couch companion for many
a Rays game over the years. My passion for the Rays has grown
with each year I’ve lived here, peaking with last year’s
amazing playoff run. I’m a baseball fanatic, like most people
who would blog about a MLB team. A lifelong Chicago Cubs fan,
I moved to the Bay area early this century after taking
interest in the Rays late the century before. I speak in
terms of “century” because the Cubbies haven’t exactly won
anything since, well, you know. Who couldn’t love the attempt
at the “Hit Show” and the team’s employment of rag-tag but
(mostly) good guys? Cubs fans root for the underdog, and I
found the perfect dog for me. I haven’t looked back. I hang
with friends who are fellow Rays fanatics and talk Rays
baseball all the time. As a season ticket holder, I attend
every game I can get to, and some I shouldn’t. Whether it is
on tv or at the stadium, with friends or with the dog,
enjoying Rays baseball is nothing but good times… I am
early in my blogging “career,” but I find that I have
something to say about this team I love. Usually good,
sometimes not so much. Either way, I’m tired of yelling at
the tv or at players who can’t hear me at the stadium (my dog
only yawns and falls asleep when I try to talk to her). So a
blog sounded like fun. It is.