Most amazing baseball night of my life.

I just got a story to tell my son about the first Rays season of his life.

Stories for kids and grandkids.

So thankful to be a baseball fan.

So happy to be a Rays fan.



  1. azinneck

    That comeback win — capping off a comeback month — was so amazing to watch. Especially how it was so perfectly timed for Longoria to be the hero just 3 minutes after the Red Sox were stunned by the O’s. Awesome. Enjoy the playoffs! I hope the Rays do well (though hate that, again, they play TX in the first round…), so you can have an even better story to tell your son about his first baseball season 🙂

  2. Michael David

    Did you tape the game for him? What a great way to spend time together, soon you’ll be taking him to live games. Time will start flying by for you, if it hasn’t already.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

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