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Aw C’mon…Again!? No-no Way!!

There isn’t alot to say.

No fan wants to write a post such as the one I am about to write.

It is hard to believe, but for the second time this season, the Tampa Bay Rays have been victims of a no hitter. 

That makes three in two years. 


I don’t exactly know what kinds of records were broken tonight (I am sure that few teams have been no-hit twice in the same season), but I know how it feels to watch your team struggle to get a single damn hit.

It stinks.

Dallas Braden made the Rays look like fools all the way until Gabe Kapler was thrown out as he loafed down to first base to end the game.  The no-no was almost forgiveable because Braden did it on Mother’s Day and he had lost his mother not too much earlier.  So good for him.

But Edwin Jackson, the guy the Rays deemed expendable after the 2008 season, so much so that they banished him to Detroit for the “Next Big Thing,” Matt Joyce, throwing a no hitter against the team he REALLY wanted to throw a no hitter against, well, that is just downright unfair.

It isn’t as if the Rays didn’t work it.  They had 8 walks in the game, for goodness sakes!  They had walked the bases loaded in the 3rd! 

But as has been the case so often recently, the Rays were not able to “get the man in” with a base hit and they paid the price.

What a steep price.

I don’t want to think about the game anymore tonight.  I am going to turn on the tv, hit “Start Over” on my Bright House cable and watch the NHL draft.

One thing that is for sure, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks won’t get shut out tonight.



Perfection Again

Roy Halladay

What is it with Florida teams and perfect games?

For the twentieth time in the history of this amazing game, a perfect game has been thrown. 

For the third time in two seasons, a perfect game has been thrown against a team from the great state of Florida. 


Roy Halladay put together what is tantamount to absolute perfection tonight when he took down the Florida Marlins in 27-up-27-down fashion.  I know that my friend at Phillies Outside must still be celebrating, as well he should.

But why does this keep happening to us?  And by “us” I mean the baseball denizens of Florida?

The Rays went through it against Mark Buehrle and the White Sox last season before enduring the pain of another perfect at the hands of the Oakland A’s and Dallas Braden.  And now the Florida Marlins know what we “northerners” felt each time.

Of course, when the Rays took the field each time there was no real thought that a perfect game could be thrown at them, all due respect to Buehrle and Braden.

Halladay, though, is one of those rare pitchers who has no-hit stuff almost every night he toes the mound.  A perfect game isn’t as earth shattering in that case.

But that takes NOTHING away from the amazing feat of the Doc. 

Thank goodness he’s on my fantasy team.

And hopefully the teams from Florida have paid their dues with regards to perfect games…

Game Time Approaches, but the Game Will Feel Far, Far Away From Me

I didn’t go to the game tonight.  Too many trips to Lowe’s and The Home Depot.  (Can I get $ for giving them a free plug right there?)

Matt Garza toes the hill tonight for the Rays, looking to make up for his horrendous start this past Sunday against the Rangers.  He should get it considering the lineup he will be facing.  We’ll see, though, if that will be enough for a Rays win. 

Dallas Braden goes for the A’s.  He has a great ERA (3.13) and a great Oppenent’s Batting Average (.257) but a disappointing record (6-7).  Those numbers all add up to a pitcher who is coming into his own in his third major league season but is not getting any kind of run support from his teammates.  There aren’t many pitchers with an ERA in the low 3’s and a sub-.500 record. 

But them’s the A’s, after all.

The Rays’ offense did a great job chasing Vin Mazarro last night.  They had the long ball working, the speed rolling, and the pitching dealing.  I think they are going to find things a little more difficult tonight.  Braden knows the strikezone and does not walk many guys. 

He also does not give up the long ball.  He has only yielded 7 of those in 106 innings. 

If the Rays want to win I’m thinking that they will need to:

–Be patient at the plate.  Braden seems to thrive against hitters who are too aggressive. 

–Make the most of their opportunities.  This is going to be a low-scoring game, so mistakes with sacrifice bunts (talking to you Navarro!) and baserunning blunders won’t cut it.

–Look for singles and doubles instead of the long ball.  Sometimes our hitters get a little too impressed with themselves when they get the home run working. 

The game is not on tv tonight!  Stupid MLB rules. 

So it will be a night of Pink Panther 2 for me (just arrived in my Netflix–why it was on there in the first place is beyond me). 

Hmmm, I’m thinking that this is one crappy Saturday night.  Let’s hope it won’t be made worse by a Rays loss!