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Love the Home Run Derby! Go Young, Cabrera, and Holliday!!

So, the Home Run Derby is going on right now. 

I just think that this is a great event.  Can’t help it.  I know that some people whine about it being meaningless or messing up guys’ swing, but I think it is great entertainment and I love watching it each summer.

Maybe I love it because guys’ I have rooted for have taken part in the derby over the years.  Sammy Sosa, Andre Dawson, George Bell, Carlos Pena, and, of course, my favorite player of all time, Ryne Sandberg.

So I’ve had lots to cheer for over the years. 


Who Ya Pickin’?

I decided to chronicle the derby as it goes along.  Why?  Mainly for my own fun rather than anybody’s real entertainment.

Here are my picks to win it:

            Chris Young

          Matt Holliday

            Miguel Cabrera

I went with 3 guys just because it’s my blog and I can do what I want.


Round 1

Chris Young            Wow, this guy did not look comfortable at all.  He hit one nice dinger, and that was it.  I think he has a ton of talent and is going to be in more All-Star Games in the future, but this was a dismal display. 




Matt Holliday        Wow, that was awesome!  He had 9 outs and 1 dinger.  Then he proceeded to fire up the launch pad!  Wow.  He only ended up with 5, but one of those homers was 497 feet!!  He is in second place right now.  We’ll see what happens. 



Miguel Cabrera        He really launched some long balls.  Wow.  He sure showed what kind of a hitter he is: complete.  I loved the long ball in the water that Big Papi said, “In the water…you see that?”  Funny.  Overall, a great performance.



Other Ruminations

        Corey Hart put on a great display in Round 1.  Honestly, I did not think he would do well at all.  He blasted 13 homers and boy, oh boy, were they long!  He had a 464-foot shot that was just majestic.  Man, was it annoying to listen to A-rod talk while Swisher was hitting.  I do not respect that guy at all, and to hear him try to talk about respect for the game makes me want to puke.  Hanley Ramirez was great.  I have to admit, though, after his disrespect of the game earlier this season, I was rooting against him.  He sure showed me.


Round 2

So, all I’ve got left is Miggy.  I suck.

Miguel Cabrera        Damn.  This has been great to watch, but none of my guys did anything!  Right now my wife is rubbing it in that she chose Big Papi and that he might win.  There is a foot rub riding on it!  Miggy really let me down.  Don’t know who to root for now.  Maybe Corey Hart.



Other Ruminations

 Ramirez looks good.  Wow.  He is really surprising me.  Not the biggest surprise, though.  Corey Hart’s first round was something else.  I’m rooting for Hart to move on to the finals and win it all.  (Wow, Hart really stunk it up!)




Big Papi did not disappoint, that’s for sure.  Man, that guy just launched moon shot after moon shot.  Incredible.  Ramirez just had nothing left in the tank (good!) and he could not find a rhythm in that final round.  What I thought was pretty cool was watching Ortiz interact with his kid.  It was really sweet. 

Well, I’ve got a footrub to administer.  I’m a loser…


Congrats to the Hawk

Howdy folks.  I know it has been a while.  Sorry.  Life.  Who knew?

I am chiming in quickly with my reaction to the wonderful news that Mr. Andre Dawson was elected to the Hall of Fame. 

What took so long?

Hawk’s numbers speak for themselves–I won’t go into those.  But he seemed to be one of the guys who helped baseball transition from bulky power hitters to sluggers who could also run and play defense.  Opposing base runners would not dare run on that gun of an arm in right field.  I can remember many a game where somebody would try to score from 2nd base or go 1st to 3rd on a base hit only to find themselves sent to the bench by Dawson’s mighty arm. 

One of the scariest moments of my childhood occurred when I watched Awesome Dawson get beaned in the face by the San Diego Padres’ Eric Show.  I remember the Hawk’s body lying there, motionless, at home plate while everybody charged the mound on his behalf.  The Cubs loved the guy, and the Cubs fans adored him. 

He was mythic in proportion.  I remember my dad telling me about seeing Dawson at a Cubs Convention in the 80s.  “His body is like a V,” my dad said.  Broad shoulders, strong chest, perfect physique for hitting the ball out of the park or stealing second base.  The guy was something.

I am really happy that another Cub has been able to be enshrined in Cooperstown.  It is long overdue.  Congrats, Hawk, and enjoy it.

Now, how about a certain Cubs third baseman getting some love from the Veteran’s Committee?