Predictions Today; OD Tomorrow

The kid is taking a post-bottle nap.  So I’m sneaking away to throw out some thoughts on what could happen in 2011.

I’m no expert, nor am I all that thorough with my research.

Who cares?  It’s fun. 

NL East

Phillies                 Nobody’s better in the NL.  Their “Four Horsemen” rotation scared the bejesus out of people.  They are the best in this division and maybe even baseball.

Braves                  They have some solid young talent on this team.  I love the direction Freddie Rodriguez has them going.  They’ll contend for the division this year and maybe even win very soon.

Marlins                Josh Johnson will win the Cy Young and the Marlins will see what they have with some of the young guys on their team.  They’ll be strong when their new stadium opens.  Of course, that ain’t this year.

Nationals            I like this team.  Of course, they are still bad.

Mets                    Nope, nothing to root for here.  RA Dickey is decent, but that’s about all I can think of as being positive here.  Maybe I’ll be wrong.


NL Central

Brewers               Tjhey are not a surprising team.  But they are good.  And when Greinke gets healthy, their pitching will really help them along.

Reds                      I don’t know if I really believe in these guys, but their pitchers are electrifying. And Drew Stubbs is awesome.  Did I mention Joey Votto?

Cardinals             It’s hard to pick against these guys, but I’m not that jazzed about them.  They should have a solid offense but losing Wainwright won’t help at all.

Cubs                     UgIh.  That sums it up.  I love the Cubbies but they do not have any kind of identity right now.  What is their direction?  Youth?  Veterans?  It will be a forgettable 2011.

Astros                  Don’t know a ton about them.  That’s because there ain’t much to know.

Pirates                When will that youth break through?  Neil Walker, Andrew Mccutcheon, Pedro Alvarez.  Wow!  Pitching…not wow…


NL West

Giants         These guys have the pitching and the offense.  Plus, I fear the Beard.  End…        

Padres         They have a great mix on this team.  Their pitching is strong, though they are all holding their breath in SD over the Latos injury.  They’ll be right there.

Rockies                I don’t know, but they slipped for this year.  Cargo is great (he better be, he’s on my fantasy team) but the pitching is just ok.

Dodgers              Don Mattingly will help, but they have a long way to go in LA.  2011 will be a long season.

Diamondbacks          Kirk Gibson is the right guy there.  But I don’t feel that they have a strong idea of how to rebuild this thing.


AL East

Red Sox               Ugh, I know.  They’re good.  That’s what happens when you spend a bajillion dollars.  Regardless, they are not just good.  They are VERY good. 

Rays       I don’t think it is crazy.  The Rays are always prepared to lose talent.  And boy did they lose it.  They planned for this, though.  And they’ll be fine.              

Yankees     It will be the biggest flop in recent Yankees memory.  You gotta have pitching to win.  They ain’t got it.

Orioles           I don’t think it is crazy to think that these guys could contend.  And soon.       

Blue Jays        Bautista will not repeat his 2010 output and Hill and Lind better get it together if the Jays plan to have a future.    

AL Central

Tigers              What a strong team!  Wow!  They have tons of firepower, a strong pen, and good rotation.  They’ll be there.    

White Sox           Adam Dunn really helps make this offense elite.  Their rotation is suspect but their pen is amazing.

Twins                   Mauer and Morneau have been dinged up lately.  As they go, so go to the Twins. 

Indians                Grady Sizemore sums up this team: lots of promise, but they don’t reach it.

Royals           I LOVE the Royals.  I could totally be a Royals fan.  But when will the potential turn into some darn W’s!!?        


AL West

Rangers               This is a three horse race.  They should be the fastest horse out of the gate.  But it won’t be easy!

A’s       They have a decent staff, a decent offense, and a decent mix.  Why will they be there in the end?  I don’t know…

Angels                 Can’t count them out.  Ever. 

Mariners             I can count them out.  At least now, anyway.  They have alot of rookies who will be auditioning for a job next year.  That can be really exciting.  As a Devil Rays fan of the day, I know what I’m talking about…




East Winner: Phillies

Vs                                         Winner: Phillies 3-2

Wildcard: Padres

West Winner: Giants

Vs                                         Winner: Giants 3-0

Central Winner: Brewers




Vs                                         Winner: Phillies 4-3




East Winner: Red Sox

Vs                                         Winner: Tigers 3-2

Central Winner: Tigers

West Winner: Rangers

Vs                                         Winner: Rangers 3-2

Wildcard: Rays




Vs                                         Winner: Tigers 4-2









Philadelphia Phillies 4-2


Well, that was fun. 


I’m not going out on a limb to say that the Phils will take home the trophy this year.  And, as we all know, anything can happen in our favorite game.


Let’s play some baseball!




  1. Jeremy Visser

    The Phillies are the consensus pick, but they have enough questions in their offense that the Braves just could sneak up on them. But yeah, that pitching staff is something to deal with. The offense might not even matter.
    As for the Jays, there’s plenty to be excited about in their future aside from Lind and Hill. They’ve stockpiled one of the league’s best systems, so it’ll be interesting to watch that develop in the next couple years. The East just never lets up though, hey?

  2. Michael David

    Lots of respect to my Tigers, but I still have questions about thier pitching and hitting other than Cabrera. I picked them third, but I hope you’re right on this one.
    Tough loss for Davis today, though he pitched pretty well. Good memories of him pitching here in Michigan. Good luck to him and the Rays…the wins will start coming.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  3. southernbelle

    Ohh…Oooh that hurts. You have my Yanks in 3rd place? You say they don’t have pitching? HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BULLPEN?!?!? All they need are 6 innings and a lead! It’s worked 3-4 times so far. .750 winning percentage, I’ll take it!

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