Not Really in the Spring Swing

I’ll admit that I am not entirely happy about the Rays start so far this spring.

1 Win

4 Losses

1 Tie

That ain’t exactly a baseball beginning to howl about. 

I understand that it is spring and that teams are not working hard to win games.  They are simply trying to “get their work in,” as the saying goes.

I get it.

But if both teams are not trying to win, and if both teams are just getting work in, then why is it that the Rays seem to be on the losing end of 4 out of 6 games? 

This offseason is one of the most memorable in the history of the Rays franchise.  They brought in prime time players (maybe PAST prime time players…) and lost parts of the playoff foundation.  Heck, they lost major parts of the franchise’s heart, but that’s another rant…

I think that I–along with most Rays fans–were hoping for some kind of explosive start to the spring that would take away the hurt of losing guys like Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, and Matt Garza. 

It hasn’t happened.

But that’s ok. 

Baseball’s back, right?  Spring has begun.  Plenty to whine about.  Plenty to cheer about.  Plenty to write about.

It feels good to feel bad!



  1. blithescribe

    “It feels good to feel bad.” I like that a lot, a perfect summery of how I feel right now too. Of course we’re thrilled there are games again. However, it’s one thing to know that spring training is meaningless academically, but tell that to your heart when your team’s losing, right? I think that, spring training aside, the Rays are going to have a much better season than the analysts seem to want to predict.
    Oh, and after reading your previous post – Congratulations on the birth of your son!

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