Trayde Winds A-Blowin’

As many of you know, I have been pretty incommunicato this week due to a week of sipping cocktails poolside in Orlando. 

It’s been a good week.

I wanted to say alot about the upcoming trade deadline, but it has been difficult to find the time, obviously.

However, I do have some ideas of who might be coming to the Rays, who might be leaving the Rays, and who will be staying with the Rays.


Who’s Comin’?

–With the rumor that the Yanks are near a deal to acquire Lance Berkman, I would say that the Rays have become the frontrunners for picking up slugger Adam Dunn.  They could do worse, for sure.  But I am not sure I would like to see the Rays give up players for a guy who will be here only for these final few months and more more.  That said, his incredible walk numbers, batting average, and power numbers will be a welcome addition to the DH slot.

Honestly, there is not alot of talk about who the Rays might try to pick up.  The front office has been very quiet on the subject.  I think that the Rays could use a stronger DH, surely, but a stronger 5th starter and another bullpen guy (never have enough of those) would strengthen this team as well.


Who’s Goin’?

–Minor league pitcher Jake McGee will more than likely be moving on.  He has great talent, but it still not 100% after arm injuries.  He is young, and will likely recover completely, which makes him valuable as a future ‘pen guy or bottom of the rotation guy, a la Wade Davis.

Reid Brignac has done great things for the Rays this year.  His power surge as of late has really lifted this team.  But he is a man without a country.  Or a position, anyway.  He is a middle infielder in an organization full of ’em.  Jason Bartlett is too beloved by the Rays management to go anywhere.  Sean Rodriguez is the future 2b of the Rays (though he is kind of the present-day 2b of the Rays as well).  Brignac does not fit in.  He will somewhere else.

–This might be a longshot, but Wade Davis might be moved.  If he can bring in a solid bat, he will certainly be moved with the pitching depth the Rays have in the minors. 


Who’s Stayin’?

Jeremy Hellickson will be moved when hell freezes over.  ‘Nuff said.

Jason Bartlett ain’t goin’ anywhere.  His arrival catapulted the Rays to the playoffs in 2008.  They expect a return to form in these final months.

–Minor league veteran Dan Johnson might lead the International League in slugging numbers, but that just makes him more valuable as a late-season callup for the Rays than a bargaining chip.  Plus, after Carlos Pena’s departure next season, he might inherit the 1b job.


It’s late, but I wanted to get some thoughts down before the trades start a-flyin’.  I’m returning from poolside soon and I can’t wait to see what the Blogosphere’s intrepid writers have to say on the subject of the tradewinds.

Back soon!



  1. santosis

    Looks like the Sox and the Rays were quiet this year. Better than trading away the future, I guess. The Yanks made some moves, but nothing significant.


  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    There’s still hope for Dunn…after waivers. That was as good a trade deadline stretch as we’ve seen in a couple of years. The Dodgers said “what divorce?!” Surprised the White Sox didn’t do more. Mets, BoSox and Rays were quiet. I agree with Santosis as it pertains to the Rays and my Mets. This is where I think Yankee thinking gets too cluttered with junk. They do it often. And I think moves like this were reasons the Yanks didn’t win more from 2002-2008 (i.e.; all the early playoff eliminations); not because of Joe Torre. They just get too much and roles get lost-in-space coming off the bench.

  3. angelsgirl012

    Jeremy Hellickson pitched a monster of a game! WOW! Very impressive! Sorry about Balfour’s “freak” accident.. although it was a bit weird. Now tied with the Yanks for first place?! Definitely exciting! I know the Rays can get it done!

  4. santosis

    I don’t think the Red Sox would let Dunn get through waivers to the Rays. So, unless the Sox catch the Rays, that trade ain’t happening.

    That said, I’m shocked the Nationals didn’t unload Dunn prior to the deadline. He’s a kind of sabermetric half-God, I figured there would be stronger interest. Perhaps their asking price was just too high–but they likely can’t resign him (even though they should dedicate the majority of the Strausburg profits to keeping him) and getting anything in return is better than rolling the dice on draft picks. They need to get better quick, while they still have Strausburg.

  5. devilabrit

    I hope you enjoyed or are continuing to enjoy the margarita’s or whatever cocktail is your preference… remember it’s 5’o clock somewhere….


  6. azinneck

    Sounds like a nice, relaxing vacation…I’m a little jealous haha I would have *loved* to see Dunn go to the Rays, he’s my favorite player and to get a chance to see him in the post-season would be awesome 🙂
    Your Rays have been lookin’ good the past couple games — so maybe their lack of movement at the deadline isn’t such a bad thing. Don’t mess up the team chemistry, don’t make a move for the sake of making a move … hopefully it all turns out good for them!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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