Rays/Red Sox/MLB Late Night Musings

I’m really just too tired to put up a coherent post.  So here are some things that ran through my mind as the games played out tonight.


Game 1

Pat Burrell might be turning around.  His 2-run blast was HUGE. 

Wade Davis pitched very well against a really tough team.  Great job.

–The weather was just ridonkulous.  All the Rays were bundled up big time.  Then there is Captain Underbite, Kevin Youkilis.  He is either immune or just that foolish, but he’s out there with short sleeves.  Well done?

–Bases Loaded.  Nobody out.  And the Rays get out of it!!!!  Holee Cow!!!

–This was a great win.  Happy to see the boys stay strong and pull out the W in strange circumstances.


Game 2

James Shields kept the emotions in check all game long.  He pitched great.  Sure, he gave up a 2-run homer late, but it did no damage whatsoever.  He was composed and kept the Sox hitters off balance all game long.

–I laugh to myself when I hear the Red Sox fans try to get into Longo’s head by shouting “Eva.”  It was great tonight because the Rays’ microphones were picking up on some of these fans’ shoutings (I am sure they were pretty lubricated by this point in the night).  As they shouted at Evan, he promptly launched one into the Green Monster for what amounted to the game winning run.  Well done EVAN.

–The Red Sox fans were funny tonight.  God bless ’em, they wanted a win big time tonight.  In fact, one of the more redeeming qualities about those who love the Red Sox is that they stick with their team until the end.  I know that is something I learned as a Cubs fan growing up and it has certainly served me well as a Rays fan. 

        But every time a Sox player put wood on ball, the crowd would erupt, hoping it was going to be “the” hit.  There were a couple of late homers that made me nervous for sure, so they were almost right.

–The poll during the game tonight was, “Who is the Rays’ chief competition for the division this year?”  Results:

     Yanks    70%

     Sox       20%

     Blue Jays  10%

I think that Boston will give the Rays a big run this year, despite the results of these first two games.  The Sox are just too darn good to go away.

–I can’t believe that the Mets and Cardinals played 20 innings!  The Cards had position players pitching and pitchers playing left field.  Awesome.

–Congrats to those Rox.  A No-Hitter from Ubaldo Jiminez.  That guy is just awesome.

Colorado Rockies Starter Ubaldo Jimenez Delivers To The Atlanta Braves


Thinking of Tomorrow

Matt Garza is having a great year.  A GREAT year.  a 1.13 ERA!?  2-0 record?  A .179 Opponent Batting Average?  Amazing.  But…

–The Rays seem to falter just when they are getting hot.  And they are hot now.  And…


–Tomorrow will be interesting…

–Definitely time to get some sleep.



  1. devilabrit

    I have to say that was fantastic last night, taking both games…. outstanding… my fingers were getting tired, between the Phillies, Rays, Rockies and Cards games, all nail bitters… so it could be a day to get the broom out…

    Phillies Outside

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Yesterday had something for everyone but Colorado’s Jiminez trumps us all.. If Burell can kick it up a notch he’d be a tremendous help. The Red Sox are looking flawed. Theo may have out-thunk himself this season but he’s got credit so he gets a slide. But VicMartinez and VTek can’t throw anyone out.
    The AL East is going to be very interesting!

  3. raysfanboy

    Jeff–After the Rays’ 4-game sweep, I’m even wondering if those “other” things would make me happier!

    Peter–It was a great weekend all over the league. Wow.

    AZ–The Rays didn’t even blink at sweeping those guys in Boston. I don’t know what this means about the level of success the Rays will have this year, but I am intrigued.

    Mike–You are right on. The Boston catchers have no arms. And that is not going to work when you play a team such as the Rays.

  4. nysxfn59

    hey so thanks for the feedback, i just started up my yankees-sox blog and am glad to know someone out there is reading my stuff.

    what you said about the red sox is definitly true, but the same thing goes for the rays. Its definitly too early but the Rays are solid top to bottom. They just seem to do everything right and joe maddon’s a genius. but the huge advantage they have is their hitting and running, i think its gunna be a really close division race…

  5. houndcat08

    AHA! I KNEW the Devil Rays had claws! QUOTE: “WE HAVE TO SCRAPE AND CLAW JUST TO GET A WIN AGAINST THESE GUYS!!!” ENDQUOTE! And you admit this publicly! Surely you ARE the spawn of the devil! What about the horns? Is Joe Madden the Antichrist? I have heard that all Rays fans are forced to kiss the devil’s ar se before entering the stadium in Tampa Bay… is this true?
    And what have you done to that poor dog? You EVIL ********!



  6. diamondgirl55

    I’m pulling for the Rays ALL YEAR…of course when they’re not playing my boys 🙂 I know what you mean when you say you’re too tired to even write a coherent entry!!! LOVE the picture of the dog, hahaha. That’s how I feel right now….and so going to bed! 🙂 xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

  7. lilmatt

    Looking forward to the series tonight. Ok, so I am lying. The Rays are kicking butt thus far, and my White Sox suck! But good luck otherwise. Got a preview up on my blog for game 1. Should be fun. Go White Sox!
    “The South Side Story”

  8. raysfanboy

    NYSX–I don’t know if Joe’s a genius, but I think it is pretty amazing how far he has brought this team.

    DG–I am heading to see your M’s mid-May. Looking forward to it b/c the Mariners are a tough team–especially when Lee gets back!

    Matt–I don’t know how it is going to go because the Sox have such a strong lineup. And Danks ain’t so bad either! And the Cell is built for the Sox line up big time.

    Yanks–You guys have a great blog. Keep it up! I do NOT like Burrell, honestly. But I am hoping that he can turn it around. The Rays can’t go far without him.

  9. soxrocker

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have not had many. The Rays are hot but the Sox are aiming to return the favor when we comedown tothe Trop! Great pitching and the hitting muscle have really got your guys going. Sox catchers can’t seem to throw a runner out stealing – the Rangers have 9!! tonight.
    Best wishes.

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