Utter Domination

Rays 9, Yankees 3

And it wasn’t that close.

David Price, the Rays’ phenom 24-year-old lefty, led the team against the invaders from NYC and gave them more than they could handle. 

The offense didn’t want to be outdone, so they put their best bat forward and put up 8 earned against the Yanks’ big offseason acquisition, Javier Vazquez

In the end, there was not much to complain about. 

If you are a Rays fan, of course.


Price Was Scary Good

Price went out and simply gave the Rays his longest–and one of his more solid–performances of his young career. 

        7 2/3 IP    3 ER    7 H    3 BB    7 K

Through 6 innings, however, Price threw only 66 pitches.  Aside from a double in the 2nd that brought home 2 runs by Alex Rodriguez, there was nothing scary. 

When he reached the 8th inning, Price admitted he began to press a bit, which led to a bases-loaded jam and another run given up.  But Lance Cormier came into the game and ended the frame with a strikeout.

It was an almost-effortless performance from a guy who is the Rays’ NUMBER 4 PITCHER!


Big Inning: The 4th

The Rays almost batted around in the bottom of the 4th against Vazquez.

A few doubles, a few singles, a stolen base from BJ Upton, and a huge blast from Carlos Pena gave the Rays all the runs they would need for the rest of the game (5). 

While the home run was fun, I was more excited about the double that just eluded left-fielder Marcus Thames’ glove from the bat of Jason Bartlett.  It was one of those moments that you were hoping would happen (him missing the catch) and it led to two big runs.  Whew!


Sleeping Bats Awakened–Look Out!

Pena had been hitting terribly this season.  And he had been suffering from a power outage, with no balls of his bat threatening to leave the yard.  It was nice to see him take one out against a tough pitcher like Vazquez.

The other area the Rays are getting no production from is DH.  I am going to lay off the Burrell Bashing–for now–and simply say that Willy Aybar’s big 2-run home run in the 6th was a respite from worrying about what to do with the DH position.  After striking out horribly earlier in the game, it was great seeing him rip one down the line and out. 


Today’s Game

The Rays are going to have a tough one against the Yanks and CC Sabathia.  Even though CC got knocked around pretty good by the Red Sox on Opening Day part 1, everybody knows he is a tough hombre. 

The Rays are sending out youngster Wade Davis, who will make just his 7th start of his young career.  He had to work hard to beat out Andy Sonnanstine for the 5th starter job, so it will be interesting to see how he fares against a tough Yankee club.

I’m excited.  Can you tell?



  1. raysfanboy

    Jenn–CC ain’t just tough, he’s almost impossible! We need help.

    Jane–I know you feign being upset! You guys are SO good! I say Grrr about how you can be so good every darn year. I’m looking forward to today.

  2. kristyr

    Hey! Thanks for the comment. I love love my seats! I can’t believe it was available. When I found out I snatched it up really fast lol. Where are your seats loacated?
    Have you ever been to PNC park before? The views at night are just incredible!
    Fortunately we have Jones & McCutchen cheap for a long time so they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Jones has had an amzing start I hope he keeps it up.
    Congrats on the great start so far. I’ll be watching your game today. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys! =)

  3. southernbelle

    Bob: Haha I can tell you are excited. And rightfully so. Your guys beasted. My poor Javier…I sort of have a thing for him (that’s the understatement of the year, lol) and I wanted him to do well. Game 2 starts soon; I like the pitching matchup…should be interesting 🙂 Also, do you write for Fan Huddle? There’s a Rays writer named Robert, so I put two and two together…

  4. devilabrit

    Now I don’t believe your tail is really that long…:-) Beating the Evil Empire is always a good thing… I just can’t believe they shut you guys down today yuk…

    Phillies Outside

  5. theheirloom

    Going back to this victory, what impresses me about Price is his tenacity on the mound. Even when he’s down, he finds a way to get back into a groove. He’s one of a few young pitchers worth watching on every pitch.

    As for being the fourth in the rotation, maybe Maddon knows something we don’t. Like slotting a batter hitting .275 and better in the seventh spot on the order, there is a strategic reason for putting a strong pitcher in the back end of the rotation. It makes your opponents think a bit more about taking things for granted.

    Remember Joe Maddon will always be the smartest guy in the room. 🙂


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