Take a Look at Our Future Second Baseman

First, I’d like to encourage you all to read my preview of tonight’s big/huge/incredibly exciting matchup against those Sox from Bawston I am REALLY stoked about tonight’s game.  I’m counting the minutes!!!

But I wanted to jump in quickly with a look at the latest addition to the Rays roster.

Meet Sean Rodriguez, the Rays’

“Second Baseman of the Future”

Ok, maybe I’m overstating.  But I’m pretty enthused.

This is the guy the Rays and Angels were fighting over when the Scott Kazmir deal was on-again and off-again.

I can see why the Halos wouldn’t want to give him up.

This guy’s a stud!

IF you look at his Triple-A number, that is.


Quick Bio Junk

He is a 24-year old guy who, actually, I’ve followed for the last few years.  I’ve read some stuff on him off an on in other blogs (Halos Heaven is great), in our paper when we played the Angels, and on the Angels’ website. 

I’m not totally done being upset that we moved our 25-year-old pitcher, but we might have found a guy who can really fill the hole that will open up at 2B this winter.

And at 24, he could be there for the Rays for years and years to come.


Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Ignore the MLB numbers.  He’s 24, and in two stints with the Angels he is hitting just .203.  Not good, buddy.

But his year this year at Triple-A has been stud-like.

He is batting a robust .299. 

And his power numbers are incredible!

He’s knocked 23 dingers and driven 93 RBIs in ONLY 103 games.


We could certainly use that production from the 2B spot.  Sure, Ben Zobrist helped alot at that position when Akinori Iwamura went down, and his power numbers are just as solid, if not moreso because they occurred at the MLB level.

But I’ve been saying forever that Zorilla needed to be our future RF. 

Now Ben Z can go to right while S-Rod, as he is called in the Angels minors (not too creative), takes over at second.

I’ll take that.


What About Aki?

I love Aki.  Next to Longo, he is my favorite player. 

The Rays have already declined his option for next year, though.  They could not take on the millions he was slated to make in an option year, not to mention their slight gamble on his knee being healthy for an entire 162-game season next year.

I don’t want him to go.  Not at all.

I think that this acquisition, though, might spell the end for Aki.


Joe Maddon said that he was “excited” about the infamous Player To Be Named Later in the Kaz deal. 

Angels websites (fan and professional) indicated that they were wary that player would be Rodriguez.

I don’t know if they are both right, or if their perception of a 24-yo kid who has barely played in the MLB level is way off.

We’ll have to see, of course.

But I think that this added player takes a little bit of the sting out of losing Kazmir during a playoff run. 

This kid does strikeout alot, not too good for a team that has more Ks than K-mart (I mean the “K” in the sign–no good?).  That could make him bat low in the order and miss some RBI opportunities.

But the Rays have been all about adding talent when they lost talent.  And this kid is talent.

It’s amazing how much a team can change in so little time.

But change is good.




  1. crazy19canuck

    Hmmm…I’m not sold on this one. I’ll chalk this up as a “wait and see”…so far the manangement this year has not impressed me. I was wondering what they were going to do with Aki – and dare I say I am not shocked (any more)?

  2. TribeTed


    I am sorry to say:

    but I gotta go with Sean Rodriguez.

    If he is hitting that good in AAA:

    You gotta give him a good 100 at bats at the MLB level — before deciding his future.

    If I were the Rays GM: first off I wouldn’t of sold Kazmir:

    And I would be crying with happiness and I would bring this kid up!

    It’s September call-ups for gosh sake:

    Give the kid a chance.

    Who knows:

    he could shine… Ya never know.

    Happy September!!



  3. juliasrants

    The cowbells were very quiet last night. The Rays did not play close to their abilities last night and my Red Sox, like any team would, took advantage of it. Lester was on last night – he set the Red Sox record for strikeouts in a single season and Papelbon recorded his first major-league 6 out save. I look forward to tonight’s game.


  4. taleoftwoleagues

    You forget about all the people you’re going to lose when their rookie contract expires. Not trying to be depressing but the Rays don’t have the money to contract their stars when they run up on the possibility of free agency. The most you can hope is that WE take them instead of those dirty Yankees

  5. TribeTed


    thanks for commenting.

    I am sorry I didn’t reply:

    because I had school this morning and didn’t have time.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the Indians:

    and I am going to leave you with a thought.

    The Rays weren’t expected to win last year:

    and aren’t expected to win the wild card this year;

    well at least by many people… 😉

    But when they AREN’T expected to do things:

    they normally do.

    So expect the unexpected.

    Bring out the rally cap like you did in the picture above.

    But don’t start with expectations.


    Happy September!!



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