CARLOS IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you didn’t figure it out from the headline, the Rays’ Carlos Pena will be making his first All-Star Game appearance in St. Louis this year!!!

Just in this morning is the report that Boston’s Dustin Pedroia will skip this year All-Star Game.  This was expected because of the health of his family, and hopefully things will be fine there.

Although it seemed that Ian Kinsler would be the natural choice to take Pedroia’s place on the roster because of the 2B/2B swapout, Joe Maddon went “favorites” and picked the AL home run leader (as of yesterday) Carlos Pena to round out the roster.

How great is that!? 

Not only will Pena appear in the game, and I am all abuzz about this next part so get ready for it,


I think I’m going to faint.

What a great start to a great Sunday!

We were hoping that one of the game’s truly nice guys was going to be able to be in the game.  We got our wish!

So Rays fans, get ready to enjoy the greatest All-Star Break in the history of the Tampa Bay Rays.




  1. raysfanboy

    Birdland, I wish more people had voted Carlos so that we didn’t have to sweat it out until the day before the HR Derby.

  2. raysfanboy

    Canuck, this will really be a great break. Unprecedented for this area and this franchise. Let’s have a viewing party! All Rays fans can come over to my house! I’ll supply the chips.

    Jane, I am sure it is old hat for a Yankees fan, but for a team as small as the Rays to get to the World Series and then follow up with 5 All Stars is something special. I don’t know how it could get better. Oh yeah, I know, perhaps leapfrogging the Yanks and BoSox to first place? 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.

  3. raysfanboy

    I appreciate the support, and I am sure Carlos does too! We AL East folk have to stick together. Especially those of us who have to work our backsides off just to overcome those Yanks and BoSox!

  4. raysfanboy

    Yes, the jackhammer comment was a total compliment. Please don’t take it any other way. It makes for great reading!

    Glad to have a fellow Longo and Pena fan in your neck of the woods! Going to be a great break!

  5. stevg95

    Glad to see Pena in. He deserved it. I mean how could you lead the league in homeruns and not make the All Star Team? Good pick by Maddon. Check out my blog for my predictions of the 2009 All Star Game.

  6. raysfanboy

    Arodfan, I totally agree. For those who are going to trash the pick, the fact is that it has been many many years since the home run leader has NOT made the AS Game. That should get Pena in easily. Now let’s hope that he’ll show up in the HR Derby!

  7. mattpeas

    big props to pena. congrats. will this be the first time a ray is in the HR derby? i remember how pumped i was when Jay Bay was in the derby in Detroit. if you remember he did not hit a single home run.

    btw, theres no relation between Delmon and Delwyn as weird as that may be. the ex-ray (hah like x-ray) Delmon’s older brother was former Red and Nat Dimitri Young

  8. matttan7

    Oh wow, just wow. Carlos Pena finally gets the all-star respect, with the help of Joe Maddon, and he gets to go in the home run derby. Two for the price of one for Carlos Pena. Great stuff. This all star game is definitely a must watch now. Now the fans can see the All Star magic with the Rays.

    Great job, reporting.

    Matthew T.

  9. crazy19canuck

    It was 3-0 …now 4-3? Ugh…and I was in such a good mood. They better get it together!
    Toronto is losing, good. The Sox are winning – it’s Beckett pitching so no shock there…Here’s hoping for another Angels win. 🙂

  10. raysfanboy

    Pitt–Last year Longo participated in the HR Derby. He did not do well. Not at all. But it was cool to see a Ray in it. I’m stupid. I think now I remember that Delwyn was not the brother and that Dmitri was. I made that mistake before. Thanks for setting me straight.

    Matt–I agree that it will be VERY cool to show the country the Rays. Hopefully Pena has a nice showing in the Derby. An appearance in the finals would be very cool.

  11. raysfanboy

    PTB–I agree that this year more than any other year Pena has been very one-dimensional. He either homers or Ks. That is evidenced by having more than 100 strikeouts and hitting .229. But, you have to agree that typically the HR leader should be in. If ever there were a year to break that rule, though, it would be this year. Kinsler really deserves to be there.

    One of the perks of having the manager of the AS Game as your manager, I guess.

  12. raysfanboy

    Canuck, this was just a great game. I don’t know what happened. Shields was motoring along and then Maddon took him out. That was the end of it all. Bad calls, bad plays, bad pitching, bad hitting.

    Shields cannot catch a break. The team won’t score more than 3 runs for the guy! Very upsetting. I’m still trying to keep my positivity, though.

  13. crazy19canuck

    Let’s get a few days off, have an INSANE amount of fun, regroup and kick some ROYAL butt when we get back to it on Friday! We’ll forget all about these past two games. Just a bump in the road…

  14. luckylori

    5 All-Stars is fantastic. I would’ve settled for 3 (Weaver and Figgins are deserving too). And I’m so disappointed Torii Hunter is on the DL. I’ll still be watching and pulling for the AL. With all the talent, all you can hope for is some really good baseball!

  15. raysfanboy

    Canuck, very clever with the pun. I agree, a few days off will be good. Start fresh with Shieldsy on Friday and forget about this totally WINNABLE 2 GAMES AGAINS THE LOWLY A’S!

    Whoa, glad I got that out of my system. You know, I might need a few days off too!

  16. raysfanboy

    I think that the Angels might be trading All Star appearances for playoff apperances. Until Texas and Seattle get their acts together, the division is there for the Angels. I would like to see a three-team race down to the wire there just as much as I’d like to see the same thing happen here in the AL East.

    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the West Coast perspective!

  17. thepitchersduel

    Not a bad combination!

    C – Ruiz, Navarro (No bats, all defense)
    1B – Howard, Pena
    2B – Utley, Zobrist
    SS – Bartlett, Rollins (it’ll depend on who’s hitting)
    3B – Longoria, Feliz
    LF – Ibanez, Crawford (it doesn’t matter, you win either way)
    CF – Victorino, Upton (again, probably doesnt matter)
    RF – Werth, Kapler, Mayberry, Gross (Werth gets the overall nod)

    The MLB would be ran over by the Philadelphia-Tampa Bay Phillies-Rays!

  18. metmainman

    I seroiusly think Kinsler got snubbed here. Pena only got in for two reasons: 1) The AL manager is Joe Maddon. 2) They needed another home run derby participant and if Pena wasn’t in then I heard they would have to settle for Aaron Hill. And that would not be entertaining, especially matched up with Joe Mauer and Brandon Inge. At least Pena can hit moon shots.

    • raysfanboy

      MetMainMan–I want to argue with you….but I can’t. You are pretty much right. Carlos was a Maddon pet project. But as the guy who went to the World Series (and lost) he earned that right. Kinsler and Lind would have been nice choices, but Pena should have been rewarded a little bit for slugging 24 dingers. Plus, you are right. Pena is WAY more compelling to watch swat long balls than Aaron Hill.

  19. theheirloom

    As we talked about on my blog, this was the exact scenario for Pena to be included on the AL roster. What surpriaed me me was the snap decision to include Pena in the HR Derby. That will make things more interesting tomorrow night – and worth watching.
    The Pedroia-Kinsler situation is a total surprise. It was a tough decision for the AL’s MVP to make to skip the big stage in St. Louis to tend to family matters. On the other hand, including Kinsler will surely help him tremendously as he strives to make a name for himself outside the Metropolex.
    No word on the starters…we’ll wait.

    – Randy

    • raysfanboy

      Randy–Kinsler is going to become one of the best offensive 2B in the league, if he isn’t already. If that average rises I can see him being mentioned in MVP talks. He is that good. Maybe the addition of Cruz made it as if Maddon had to look elsewhere for his next pick?

    • raysfanboy

      Homer–Lind should have made it too. He is solid. The Jays have a great nucleus of young guys with Lind, Hill, and Scutaro. Then throw in Rios and old man Wells. Oh and Overbay. Don’t forget Rolen. Um, why aren’t you guys in first place again?

      Erin–I was surprised Carlos didn’t make it. But now I’m excited he did. I am now surprised that guys like Kinsler and Lind missed out. But you gotta pay your dues. I think Pena has done that.

  20. cookandsonbats

    The first weekend of the season i went to see the Rays in Baltimore. My son and I were in the RF flag pavillion. Longoria hit a bomb to LF. I said to Tim, “Watchout, Pena can go back-to-back here!” BOOM. He hit a towering blast that blinded everyone looking up into the sun. It landed on the concrete about 7 feet away from us, came straight up and blasted a guy in the face and then bounced back onto the field. The guy’s face turned into a big red lump. So, the moral of the story is, I called that home run! Congrats to Pena and the Rays fans.

    • raysfanboy

      Todd–Hilarious! I think we all as baseball fans know, that to call a home run before it is hit is one of the great bragging rights you can have. I just did so in the Cubs/Cards game. D-Lee got a hanging breaking ball. I yelled (to my dog) this one is going. Then he hit it.

      Folks, if you want to read fun stories and see great pics of various stadiums, go to Todd’s blog. It is worth it.

  21. neal

    Good for pena. Although I would have picked Kinsler, Carlos Pena works as hard as anybody, and it’s about time that someone noticed how his work is paying off. Granted, that person was his manager, but, hey, he’s not complaining, and he’ll help out the AL with power. By the way, the reason Dustin isn’t playing is because his wife is seven months pregnant, and he wanted to be with her, so big props to Dusty for being a real man for his family, and I wish him and his family well.

    • raysfanboy

      Neal–I am hoping that at some point in the game Joe puts in an All-Rays infield. That would be awesome.

      I give great respect for DP skipping the game to be with his wife. That is what he should do. To have the guts to do it, it impressive.

    • raysfanboy

      Cat–We have alot of All Stars, and yet we sit in 3rd place! That is killing me! I’d take fewer stars and more wins in a heartbeat! Your Dodgers definitely know how to do it!

  22. raysfanboy

    Thanks for coming out and either tearing apart or supporting some of the things I said in this post. I loved the back and forth. And I loved being told I was wrong. It seems we bloggers are little too nice sometimes and don’t always say what we feel. You guys did. Thanks! This was alot of fun for me.

  23. thepitchersduel

    That lineup is incredibly strong. I forgot all about the DH, thus making it obvious that Pena gets to play 1st while Howard sits and hits. How would the outfield go? It would be safe to keep Ibanez in left, he is the least athletic. Victorino used to play right, Crawford in center?

  24. raysfanboy

    Crawford played center early on, but he didn’t like it. I say “Too Bad” and put him in CF. He is perfectly built for it.

    Maaan, that would be one awesome team. I might have to fire up the PS3 and throw in some MLB:The Show and put that team together! Ha!

  25. devilabrit

    So the new spin on the All Star game, much to the dislike of some of the other AL and NL fans, Rays Infield, Phillies outfield, I see we’ve already got the new PhilRays line-up…. and the Derby, it’s gotta be Howard or Pena to win…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  26. raysfanboy

    Canuck, I took your advice and tried to get away from the computer. It didn’t last long…

    Steve, I’m glad I could help. The Derby’s going to be good fun!

  27. raysfanboy

    Outside, I think if it comes down to Howard or Pena, Howard will win. That guy is pure strength. Pena is much leaner. If it comes down to that, though, know that I will be pulling hard for my guy! I’m sure you’ll be doing the same for yours!

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