Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

I’ll be heading out to the Trop tonight to see our Rays take on the Oakland A’s.  I’m quite excited as this will be the first game in a while I’ve been able to escape to, which is ironic considering I happen to be a season ticket holder. 

Stubhub has really bailed me out!

I’m also quite excited because I will be able to get my AL Championship Ring replica tonight.

A.L. Championship Replica Ring



The Rays will be taking on ANOTHER inexperience pitcher in Vin Mazarro tonight.  He is making his 8th start of his career and has put up solid numbers (3.59 ERA, .258 opponent average) despite a subpar record (2-4).

We’ll be sending the tall and stout Jeff Nieman to the mound.  He has had an up and down season–he’ll give you 7 solid innings or give you 2 1/3 bad ones.  His record is solid at 7-4 and his ERA is coming around at 4/14. 

I anticipate him being able to shut down these A’s hitters.  He seems like he follows up a bad outing with a good one and his last outing was, well, not the best.  Plus, these guys are not known for their strong offensive numbers. 

Let’s hope the Rays hitters find a way to scrape out some runs either via small ball and stolen bases or by knocking the ball out of the park.  Both styles suit this team, which is why they have been winners of their last 3 and 10 of their last 14. 

Look for me on the 3rd base line.  I’ll be breaking out the Longo jersey for this special occasion!

Here’s hoping for light traffic and bountiful parking.

And a Rays win!



  1. raysfanboy

    Julia, actually I’ve been to alot of games this year, just not many in the last few weeks because of other stuff and, well, you know, life. I am happy to be getting back on that horse again, though!

    Paint, you were right on with your description of the A’s offense. They were hardly a match for Nieman tonight.

  2. raysfanboy

    Canuck, I had a GREAT time. I wish you could have seen the game. It was a pure joy. It had it all! Offense, defense, baserunning, and pitching. What a game!

  3. raysfanboy

    The ring is sweet. Probably the best giveaway I’ve ever gotten–and that includes my days of regular attendance at Cubs games (they always gave away cool stuff). But the ring isn’t exactly a “wear in public” type of thing. I have worn it around the house though…..come on! It’s too cool not to!

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