Let’s Get Carlos In!

It is time for fans of baseball and good guys in baseball to step up and vote in Carlos Pena.

In an era when it seems it can simply be assumed that a slugger “juiced” at one time or another, Carlos Pena stands as a player who has always gone about it in the right way.  He has bounced around from town to town before finally finding his home in Tampa Bay and giving the fans something to scream about.

Without him there is no World Series last year.

Without him there is no playoffs this year. 

Ignore the inordinate amount of K’s and his fairly low batting average.  His OPS is one of the tops in the league and his slugging % and on base % are solid. 

And if you want to ignore the numbers, then just look at the smile.  The guy loves and respects baseball. 


Ok, maybe not that smile….

There’s a reason for everybody to vote Pena.

Red Sox fans, he played for you guys for a little bit.  Get him in!

West Coast folks, he was in Oakland and Texas for a spell.  Get him in!

Midwest people, he played quite a while in Detroit.  Get him in!

I don’t know that there will be many guys who will cherish being a part of the All-Star team more than Carlos Pena.

Vote now and vote often.


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